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Launch of the EN FORCER Fall Arrester

The EN FORCER FLEXIBLE LINE SLIDING BRACKET is protective equipment against the risk of falling when working at height. This set consists of a self-locking slide arrester (EN FORCER), which is joined to the flexible line by a 50 cm flexible extender (EX03*) and two Stec model steel (COB*) connectors. EN FORCER has been tested to the requirements of NBR 14626 – Personal protective equipment against falls from a height – Guided sliding arresters in flexible line with extender. It must be installed on a flexible anchor line consisting of a 11 mm braided polyamide rope (core and cover NBR 15986). Use only on an anchor line of synthetic fiber ropes designed to be attached to a top anchor point. To be used in conjunction with other devices, these must meet current regulations. Each independent anchor point must have a mechanical strength greater than 15 kN, intended to fix the flexible anchor line. * Replacement connectors and extender can be purchased separately