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The EVO family of descenders is designed for use in vertical activities including: Rope access, rope rescue systems, work at height and adventure activities including: abseiling, waterfall descent and ravines. EVO has been tested in accordance with EN 12841 2006 Type C for use with semi-static ropes with low elasticity with diameters between 10.5 and 11.5 millimeters. The EVO is a self-locking descender with an anti-panic device. This feature provides additional protection in case the user accidentally activates the control handle. Evo D01 descender is equipped with: Anti-panic system and wire clip tongue that facilitates the placement and removal of the rope. This model is the most complete model of the EVO family.

This equipment allows the user to perform maneuvers such as:

– Descents controlled by rope.

– Anti-panic system.

– Moving horizontally or inclined planes.

– Positioning yourself at the work point without having to block or tie the device .

– It can also be used to carry a load in progression, and short rope climbs (through the addition of a foot stirrup model Stec S01).

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