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The more robust and complete harness for work at height of Brazil. The full body harness RA Complet of S.Tec are designed for rope access or height activities involving risk of falling. The harness RA Complet has two D rings against falls (dorsal and pectoral) and three D rings elements for positioning and restriction (one umbilical and two sides). It also has six self-locking buckles for adjustment, all stainless steel, easy handling, enabling quick and ergonomic adjustments. Waist and supports made of padded material, coated with breathable fabrics that help evaporate the sweat. The pads are made with high density EVA that fit to the body without deforming, and are coated with technical fabrics, aerados and resistant to abrasion. High strength seams in contrasting color make inspection easyer and guarantee more safety to the user.

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