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The 150 meter Stec ropes are suitable for complex jobs in which teams work on large vertical structures or slopes. This piece of rope allows teams to reach a greater vertical area, in addition to facilitating the assembly of load systems, such as zip lines and gearing systems. In vertical activities such as abseiling, it is also ideal for large chasms with long descents. Stec ropes are constructed with a braided core+cover pattern and a low elongation coefficient, Kermantel pattern, manufactured in accordance with ABNT NBR 15986 and EN 1891 standards. distributed in wires with double “Diamond Braid” braid. Due to its low elastic coefficient, Stec rope allows precise positioning at the point of work and rescue operations. They can be purchased in pieces of 50, 100, 150 or 200m coils. With 11 mm in diameter, it can be purchased in black or orange.

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