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Anchor Waiting is a system of moorings using permanent elements that are fixed on the top floor of buildings for the safety of working at heights, such as: maintenance, restoration and painting of facades. It is intended for anchoring workers and equipment, offering safety against falls and stability for descending equipment, such as: scaffolding and rockers (suspended chairs). It is made of stainless steel and has high tensile strength. Ordinance 157 of April 10, 2006, item of NR18, is in force, which determines that all buildings with a height of 12 meters or 04 floors must have anchoring systems for work at heights through anchoring stops.

They can be of three types:

1. Anchor Hold by Chemical Fixation

2. Anchor Waiting by Transfixation

3. Anchor Waiting by Double Transfixation

All provide secure points and can be used as (PPE) in fall arrest systems, where safety ropes are attached.

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